The story goes…

Once upon a time, in a quaint household, a mischievous four-year-old named Szeling stumbled upon a magical device: a camera. As his father snored in peaceful slumber, Szeling took the camera off the table and embarked on his photographic adventure, capturing the around the house through the lens of “snapshot aesthetic.” Little did he know, this escapade would be the catalyst for a lifelong love affair with photography. But oh, his mother wasn’t thrilled; she scolded him for squandering a roll of precious film, even though he successfully staged an ‘exhibition’ to show off to his neighbourhood friends.

Fast forward to his secondary school days, and Szeling was a dreamer, yearning to pursue photography as a hobby. Yet, a pesky problem stood in his way – the unyielding grasp of an empty wallet. The camera of his dreams remained an elusive spectre, just out of reach.

But Szeling was not one to bow to adversity. With the fiery spirit of a rebel, he defied his parents’ expectations, boldly abandoning the world of Mechanical Engineering. Instead, he set sail for uncharted waters, enrolling in Graphic Design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. It was there that Szeling finally clutched his first camera, the culmination of his savings over the years. Drawing, however, was not his forte, so he cunningly wove photography into his coursework.

After surviving his National Service in the Army, Szeling’s thirst for freedom and creativity could not be quenched. His compass pointed him to the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in England, where he embarked on a journey of discovery. Two transformative years in the land of fish and chips moulded Szeling’s aesthetic and photographic style, leaving an indelible mark on his artistic soul.

Quietly and persistently, Szeling has created a large body of work over the years, earning international acclaim. He has received numerous accolades from renowned institutions such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, Clio Awards, Asia-Pacific Adfest, Singapore Creative Circle, and Communication Arts. His name has also appeared multiple times in the biennial photography collections of the authoritative European advertising realm, Lurzer’s Archive, listed among the ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’.







默默地、持之以恒地,诗麟多年来创作了一批作品,赢得了国际赞誉。他获得了来自戛纳国际广告节(Cannes Lions)、英国 D&AD、美国The One Show、美国Clio Awards、亚太广告节(Asia-Pacific Adfest)、新加坡创意圈(Singapore Creative Circle)和 美国Communication Arts等知名机构的无数荣誉。他的名字也多次出现在欧洲广告界权威Lurzer’s Archive的两年一度摄影集中,入选为全球200名最佳广告摄影师之一。